Frequently Asked Questions
Treasury Bills
What is BTB ?

BTB is the abbreviated form of Bill Transit Book. It has replaced the BTR of the previous system. Each Bill Transit Book bears a unique number.

What is a Token ?
  One BTB contains 100 pages. Each page, which bears a unique number, is called a token.
What is the cost of BTB ? How it can be obtained ?
  The cost of a BTB is Rs.25. It can be obtained by any DDO by depositing Rs. 25 through challan in the following Head of Account:

  0058- Printing & Stationery
101 -Stationery Receipts
How many bills can be submitted on one token of a BTB?
  Only one bill can be presented on one token of a BTB.
What is the validity of a Treasury Cheque? How it can be revalidated?

The cheque is valid upto 30 days from the date of issue. In case of a lapsed cheque the DDO can ask for its "Non-drawl certificate" from the Treasury and present new bill in the Treasury.

Can a Messenger present the bill at any of the counters of the Treasury?

To receive the bill in the Treasury, there shall be 3 to 6 counters and the authorized Messenger shall present the bill at the respective counter. In case where the number of bills is enormous or for any other reason, the facility of receiving the bills on any of the treasury counter shall be available.

If authorized Messenger is not available, how the bills may be presented?

The DDO may authorize two employees as Messengers. But only one messenger is allowed to present bills and receive claims at one time. During absence of one Messenger, the DDO can request the Treasury to allow the other Messenger.

How can a DDO know the status of his bill in the treasury?

The acknowledgement number allotted on the token by the counter clerk shall be used for ascertaining the status of the bill in the Treasury. Since this number shall be unique, the details of the bill may be accessed on the computer at any time.