Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts
  Divisional Joint Director Treasury, Accounts & Pension
  Treasuries & Sub-Treasuries

The Department of Finance, Government of Madhya Pradesh, monitors all receipts and expenditures of the State. The department also looks after the allocation and monitoring of budget; accessing availability of funds for various schemes and monitoring the status of government investment in equities, loans, debentures, etc. Ensuring proper financial management and monitoring of audit also falls under the jurisdiction of the Finance Department. Moreover, the Department of Finance is the administrative department controlling six Directorates like the Directorate of Institutional Finance, Directorate of Local Funds and Audit, Directorate of Small Savings and State Lotteries, Directorate of Financial Management and Information System, Directorate Of Pension and Directorate Of Treasuries and Accounts.

Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts
The Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts administers the functioning of Treasuries, including Sub-Treasuries, Joint Director Offices and Accounts Training Schools.

Some of its main functions are:
• Monitoring of Treasury operations
• Monitoring of Pension cases disposed off at the Treasury and the Office of Divisional Joint Director
• Treasury, Accounts & Pension, Bhopal
• Internal audit, store and cash verification of other government departments
• Monitoring of CAG & AG audit
• Conducting special audit as per the order of Finance Department
• Monitoring of monthly accounts sent by Treasuries to AGMP
• Issuing instructions to Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries to execute bans on payment as per the order of Finance Department
• Giving opinion on various financial matters referred by other Departments
• Reconciliation of departmental expenditure at AG level
• Conducting Treasury inspectionsCadre management of MP Finance Service, MP Subordinate Accounts services and    Treasury clerical services personnel
• Deputing officials in various government departments so as to ensure proper financial and budgetary control
• Monitoring of court cases and such ancillary activities
Divisional Joint Director Treasury, Accounts & Pension
The office of Divisional Joint Director is located in all seven divisions of the state i.e. Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Sagar, Rewa, Gwalior and Jabalpur.

The important functions of Joint Director offices are given below: -
• Overall administration of Treasuries, Sub-Treasuries & Accounts Training Schools
• Compilation of various, information received from various Treasuries and Sub-Treasuries & forwarding it to DTA
• Scrutiny of pay-fixation cases done by various offices
• Conducting of internal audit & special audit of various departments
• Cadre management of treasury clerical staff
• Monitoring of court cases, departmental enquiries etc
• The office of Joint Director Bhopal is responsible for issue of pension, gratuity & commutation payment orders for the    emlpoyess posted at Head of Department's offices located at Bhopal
• Controlling expenditure of works departments through letters of credit

Treasuries & Sub-Treasuries
Treasuries are the nodal offices for all financial transactions of the Government in the district. They manage both payment and receipts of the Government.
The Sub-Treasuries work as an extension of the Treasuries at the Tehsil level.
The Drawing & Disbursing Officers who are authorised to draw money can present their claims in the Treasury.
Some of the important functions are as follows :-
Payment of bills
• Receiving claims from Drawing and Disbursing Officers
• Scrutiny of claims as per (databases maintained in the computer.)M.P.Treasury code,financial code and relevent rules
• On-line generation / issuance of cheques
• Entry of credit scroll received from Banks against challans deposited
• Refund of Revenue as per advice issued by Competent Authority
Account Preparation
• Preparation of Receipt and Payment Accounts upto detailed Head of Accounts
• Incorporation of Sub-Treasury accounts in Treasury accounts
• Submission of accounts to AGMP
• Providing a monthly list of receipts and payments to all Drawing Officers of the concerned department
Pension Generation / Pension Payment
• Preparation of pension, gratuity and commutation payment order
• First payment of pension
• Revision of pension cases
• Cash/ Cheque payment of pension from Treasury
• Maintenance of personal deposits, civil deposits, education deposit and revenue deposits
• Issue of Treasury cheque against cheque received from deposit holders
Strong Room
• Maintenance and issue of stamps
• Safe custody of valuable and duplicate key packets deposited by civil courts and different offices in the district
• Maintenance of Bill token books & Chequebooks